Directory submission service is way to submit your website links to no. of sites in the world wide web which help you to get more back links to your websites that increase the traffic to your website. Directory submission is an innovative way in internet marketing to increase your website traffic.

Directory Submission is one of the excellent approach to get remarkable  one way links to your website. Making your business a quality based website is our main motive.

Directory submission service is the only technique of fascinating  new visitors, eNet Spider is the only one service provider who help to achieve all these you are dreaming about..

eNet Spider service helps you to achieve your websites link popularity so as to make your business a emerging one in the industry.

It is an unique way in making to get more revenues in order to get more shares of your business and profits. Online marketing have sowed  and emerged all over the world, making it easier for companies for developing your business so as to reach each every customer to attract and retain. eNet Spider will never let your hopes down, we always to work better than our clients demand and every time we achieve our target, which is the main reason behind our success in the industry. I know you also want step the ladder of success we are always here to help you in that. What you have to do is contact us, so that we can help you with our Directory Submission Service.

Whether as a hobby or being focused on making money online, you designed and developed a website that really looked attractive. The site in question also had good content that internet users might find valuable and resourceful. You signed up with a hosting package, bought a domain name, and finally launched your site on a good day. You checked your analytics or site statistics in a day of two later and shockingly discovered that not a single soul on the face of the planet visited your site.

You are now scratching your head and thinking what in the world is going wrong? How come no one is visiting your site that you devoted so much time on? Answer to the questions is pretty simple actually. Your prospective visitors will need to find your website before they can visit that. You need to promote your website through an effective link building campaign before anyone can find it.

There are several methods of site promotion and one of the effective methods is directory submission. Directory submission is not only an important link building step for your site, it also sends you visitors from the directories which is a bonus. You need to be familiar with directory submission process before you can submit your site properly. You also need to know which directories worth submitting to and which ones are nothing but mere waste of time.

DMOZ or Open Directory Project is always a good one where you can submit to. Google itself doesn't have a directory of its own and currently uses ODP listing for its own directory data. There are lots of other small search engines and directories which don't have any database of their own and use ODP listings as well. So submitting to DMOZ and getting accepted there can be very valuable. You can visit DMOZ.ORG and submit your site under the right category. It is highly recommended that you start your directory submission campaign with DMOZ. One important piece of information regarding DMOZ which you need to keep in mind that it might take months before you get approved.

Second step to directory submission is to find as many online link directories you can and put a list of directories together along with their page rank. Higher the page rank the better it is. Once you put together the list of directories you want to submit to, rest is just keep submitting to them. You can submit to 10 - 20 directories a day as too fast link building is not wise and can be suspicious to search engines.

Directory submission is an important step to link building and you need to submit to a lot of directories to get the required backlinks. You will notice that it is taking you a lot of time to hand submit to all the directories. To cut down the submission time, you can use a form filler where you can input the submission data once for all the submissions. There are Firefox add-ons or plugins available which you can easily find by searching Google.

For more information on directory submission, visit Link Building resource site.


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