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Squidoo lens creation service lenses generally rank high on search engines. In case you have a competitive niche, then you may have noticed that many of the search results on the top listings are in reality Squidoo pages. Squidoo is a network of user generated pages where you will not just create a sales page but probably promote it within the network. You can generate your lens designed toward marketing a product or as a satellite page to boost your current site's PR and SERP ranking. Because Squidoo is dofollow, you obtain a strong specific backlink to your site also. It not only creates a custom lens for you but also take care of lens marketing to provide you with optimum profit.

Squidoo is a PR8 user generated content site which is extremely effective tool in online marketing. Squidoo serves wide variety of functions. Not like other link building procedures, you only don't get a very simple backlinks from Squidoo. Because Squidoo is a social networking, it has its own internal network of lens owners where you can get some traffic from. Squidoo offers AdSense income sharing opportunity thus apart from getting backlinks and internal traffic; you get the chance to generate some AdSense earnings as well.

Squidoo is a great way to build free quality backlinks that are related to your website topic. Everyone in the SEO community understands the great need of backlinks and members actually realize it better yet since this by itself is a place for link building. With Squidoo, you can produce a page which is called lens and link back to your site that's dofollow. You can also link to your affiliate partner site.

Squidoo lens will do more wonder than simply building links for your site. Some of the benefits of Squidoo lenses are briefly discussed below.

1. Constructing Backlinks - When you create a lens to have backlinks to your current site, you will obviously create a lens established on the same topic of your site which provides you with a relevant backlinks.

2. Squidoo Lens as a Landing Page - Because Squidoo allows you to put your affiliate links on the lens, a lot of affiliate marketers and click bank marketers are using Squidoo Lenses as landing pages.

3. Earning Money with Squidoo - You can't only build a website to find the words across about your site/product or to get backlinks. It is possible to have income with Squidoo as well. Squidoo shares the AdSense revenue with its affiliates. The way it functions is that they withhold the operating expenses and specific overheads from the AdSense revenue and give out the rest among the associates based on their contribution and lens performance.

4. Get Internal Traffic from Squidoo Network - Since there are hundreds of thousands of lenses already built with Squidoo, Squidoo itself is a network of people who may visit lenses in the categories they are interested in. There are many methods for you to get Squidoo internal traffic however the simplest ones are by utilizing correct tags for your lens and by submitting the lens to related Squidoo organizations.

Squidoo lens creation service lenses are actually selected based on the tag you select for your lens. So if you tag your lens correctly, it has an opportunity to get some traffic from other related lenses. Whenever you submit to related Squidoo organizations you not simply get a backlink to your lens from the groups but also traffic from group associates.

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