blog use to blogroll

blogrool form wordprss html  (code)

$options = get_option('widget_betterblogroll');

How to count your blogroll links (code)

$numlinks = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $wpdb->links WHERE link_visible = 'Y'");
if (0 < $numlinks) $numlinks = number_format($numlinks);
echo $numlinks;

How do I make a blogroll on tumblr?

tips 1
1. Go to customize your blog
2. Click on 'Pages' then 'Add a page'
3. Under 'Page type' click 'Custom layout'
4. Enter the code at the bottom to where you would write the text
5. Name the page, add a name for the URL and tick the box 'Show a link to this page' then add a name for it again
6. Save the page and you should be good to go
<body BGCOLOR="000">
<center><h1><font face="MoolBoran"><font color="00A1FC">People I follow</font></font></h1>
<a href='{FollowedURL}'><img border='0' src='{FollowedPortraitURL-64}'></a>
Hope this helped (:
tips 2

Can someone please help me with my tumblr blogroll?…

i pasted the following code:

<a href=”{FollowedURL}”><img border=”0” src=”{FollowedPortraitURL-64}”></a>

tips 3

for five step

1.Go to Customize > Pages > Add a page.  
2.Now type in a link for the ‘Page URL’. Example:  
3.For the ‘Page Type’ section, choose ‘Custom Layout’.   
4.Now paste this code into the Custom HTML section  
5.Save and click show link to page or put this <a href=””></a>  
in your description  

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