Article submission service

Article submission service is way to submit your website links to no.
of sites in the world wide web which help you to get more back links to your websites that increase the traffic to your website.
article submission is an innovative way in internet marketing to increase your website traffic.

Article submission service is way to submit your website links to no. of sites in the world wide web which help you to get more back links to your websites that increase the traffic to your website. Directory submission is an innovative way in internet marketing to increase your website traffic.

Article submission is one of the excellent approach to get remarkable one way links to your website. Making your business a quality based website is our main motive.

Article submission service is the only technique of fascinating new visitors, eNet Spider is the only one service provider who help to achieve all these you are dreaming about..

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article submission service

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Article syndication is the process of submitting your written articles to different content websites. The purpose of doing this is to gain exposure for yourself and your business. You gain exposure when a webmaster likes your article and publishes it on their website. In doing so the webmaster is giving you free publicity by presenting you as an authority on the subject of your article.

The article will generally get placed on a higher traffic webpage on the site where the visitors can read and learn from it. It is required by the content publishing company that the webmaster leave your 'Author Bio' information attached to the article, which will effectively advertise you and your chosen website. This non-reciprocal link from your published article to your website serves multiple purposes. One it makes your website more popular in the eyes of the Google algorithm and two it drives targeted traffic to your website. The traffic is targeted because the person who just read your article is clicking on your link; this is done generally because he/she is interested in you and/or your business.

If done effectively, article writing and syndication can do wonders for your business. The usefulness of articles doesn’t stop at the benefits listed above. If you tailor your article correctly you can have it reach top rankings in Google and create multiple instant sales.

To achieve this you must learn a few things about Google and article syndication. If you don’t already know, the new Google algorithm "Orion" highly favors content over any other forms of advertising. The days of doorway pages, splash pages and landing pages are over, so naturally content driven websites and articles will begin to make their way to the top of the Google rankings.

The key to getting your article to the top is by targeting certain keyword phrases. You don’t want to target the most used and most popular keyword phrases, instead you want to target less used keyword phrases. What you want to do is look for phrases that only have from 500 - 1500 results in Google.

This tool will allow you to input a popular keyword phrase and it will give you a list of related keyword phrases. You can use this to find keyword phrases that gets about 500 - 1000 queries per month. After you find a few good keyword phrase candidates, you can go to Google and check the current number of results. To do this you simply type the keyword phrase in "quotes" and Google will return the number of results for that particular phrase. Remember you are looking for anywhere between 500 and 1500 results.

Once you have your targeted keyword phrase, its time to write your new article. Of course your article will be based on the keyword phrase you are targeting and not only that but the title of the article will need to have the keyword phrase in it. Ill say that again, your article title needs to have the keyword phrase that you are targeting in it, preferably word for word.

Many people are lazy and are not going to write articles and that’s ok, but those people should definitely invest in a good ghost writing company to write their article for them. I use JustArticles and a special niche club in addition to writing my own articles.

Once you have your article or articles written, now its time to syndicate them to as many content sites as possible. You can do this by hand or with special software, I prefer to use the software (article submitter pro) because I can syndicate to about 700 sites in a few days instead of a few weeks. If you choose to syndicate by hand you can get a huge list of article directories through this link: []

Simply following the instructions above will do wonders for your business, by getting your article published with your website link at the bottom. However, we are going to take this a few steps further to maximize our profit.

The secret is to embed links in your article body which point to products that you are selling. Not just any products will do, you should have products that directly relates to the article subject matter.

You can NOT embed links on every article directory site. You must read each article site's 'submission guidelines' before attempting to put in any live links in the body of your article, otherwise your article will not get approved. Some sites only allow text, some only allow certain types of html code, others allow 3 links in the body and still others do not allow affiliate links at all, so you have to read what you can and can not do. My advice is to submit your article no matter what, weather it has the links it or not.

The fact is most submission sites state that affiliate links are not allowed however they do allow you to link to your own site which can then redirect them to your affiliate product. If you have a website you need to make some redirect links, if you do not have a website then you can use and redirect (checkbox) through the classified add that you would setup for each product.

You will need one redirect (name.html) page for each affiliate product that you are selling. Now its time to insert the links into your article using the a href="" tag to embed the link in a word. Be sure to save your article as a simple text file before you begin to code. It is a good idea to have a few different versions of your article on hand for each article directory. I usually save a text version, a light (3 links) html version, a heav

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