SEO Interview Questions

SEO Interview Questions
SEO Interview Questions|SEO Interview Questions and Answers|Questions and Answers asked in SEO Interviews|SEO Questions
1. SEO Questions
   a.Basic Questions
   b.On page
   c.Off page
   d.Link Building Questions
 2.Google Analytics Questions
 3.Webmaster Tools Questions
 4. Search Engines Questions
 5.Adwords and Adsense Questions

Contents -
1. SEO Questions
  a.Basic Questions

    1.What is SEO?
    2. What's the difference between SEO and SEM?
    3. What's the difference between paid and organic search listings?
    4.What's on-page SEO?
    5. What's off-page SEO?
    6. How quickly will I see results?
   7.Should I rank my own content or articles on other sites?
    8.What other factors affect rankings besides backlinks?
    9. Does domain age help?
    10. What is Page Rank?
    11. How often does Google update Page Rank?
    12. Does PR matter?
    13. What is the "Google Dance"?
    14. How does Google personalize my results?

b.On page

  1. What's on-page SEO?
  2.Why would I want to 301 redirect an aged domain?
  3.. What is rel="canonical"?
  4.What's the truth about duplicate content?
  5. What are meta tags?                                                                        
  6. What is the "freshness" factor?
  7. What is a C-class IP and why should I care?
  8.What is LSI?
  9.Should I build links for human beings or the search engines?
  10 .What is an XML Sitemap?
  11. What's the sandbox?
  12. What is robots.txt for?
  13.What's a spamblog?
  14. What's an autoblog?
  15.What's an "authority" site?
  16. What are "supplemental" results?
  17.What is a doorway pages.
  18.What is  cloaking?                                                                                                             
  19. What is pinging?

  c.Off page

Interview questions for Off page SEO

Tell me top five article sites ,social book marking ,browsers ,search engines , directories ,press  release sites? They will ask any not all.
Top 5
Article sites                6              6          6        5                     4

Book marking site             8                   7                                    8                            0                                 5                                       5
googlebookmark                                8
yahoobookmark                                   7

directories                      7                    5
yahoo directory(paid)           5

Press release               6        5 4        3 2

Social networking sites


Search Engine

Mozilla firefox
Internet explorer

What are the things we want in  article submission?

Article title, article summary ,article body(some sites take no link, some take 1 or 2links in body),author Bio ( 1 or 2links depends on site),Keywords.

What is the standard size of an article?
400 to 500 words
What is the standard size of an press release?
300 to 400 words
What are the things we want in press release submission?
Press release title, summary, body(some sites take no link, some take 1 or 2links in body),author Bio ( 1 or 2links depends on site) mainly we put author bio in ress release body if author bio field no available ,Keywords.

What is the difference in article and press release?
Article- size 400 to 500 words ,author bio must, can be written on any topic
Press release- size 300 to 400 words,author bio not necessary(we can put in body), it is a type of new about a company or product so only written about a company or product.

What is SEO?
Search engine optimization is the process making site according search engines guide lines for getting high ranking in search engines ,increase visits(traffic) of a site.

Two types
On page SEO
On-page SEO refers to the things which we do on our own site to enhance it’s ranking in the search engines. for example meta tags writing ,keywords research and analysis ,sitemap etc

Off page SEO
Off page SEO refers to those things which we do outside of our own web pages to enhance their rankings in the search engines.

What's the difference between SEO and SEM?
Seo is a part of sem(search engine marketing).
Seo is free and sem also include paid traffic.

What's the difference between paid and organic search listings?

Organic search- Organic search engine listings are the main results users see when they do a Google search or any other search engine.

Paid (sponsored) search- listings usually appear on the top, bottom and to the right of the regular organic listings. Usually these are pay per click (PPC) ads, which means the website owner only pays when someone clicks on his ad (as opposed to paying for impressions).

Which is more important for a site?
High PR or high traffic
 High traffic is important than high PR.If a site also has high pr so good.

Who is Matt Cutts?
Matt Cutts is a Google employee specializing in SEO.

What are these-white hat seo,black hat seo,gray hat seo?

White Hat SEO- real seo,in this we use search engine guide lines to optimize a site.

Black Hat SEO - unethical use of seo techniques is called black hat seo.For example doorway pages ,cloaking ,keyword stuffing.

Gray Hat SEO -this is between  the white hat seo  and black hat seo. Example- paid links

What is page rank(PR)?

Page rank-
Two types-
1. External PR(keyword rank)-  pr is an integer no.from 0 to 10 which assigned by google to each page of a web site.It is see in google tool bar.It depends on backlinks,age and many other factors.high page rank is good for a page for example pr5 better than pr3.It update in every 3 months.

2. Internal page rank(PR)- it is the position of a page in google search for a keyword.It is calculated by google algorithm.It depends on the content of the page.In this top pr means rank 1 is better than 5 or 6.

What is the difference between nofollow and dofollow links?

 By default all links are dofollow.
Nofollow-a link that is not followed by web crawler known as nofollow link.
<a href=”url” rel=”nofollow”>title</a>

Dofollow- a link that is followed by web crawler known dofollow link.

What are meta tags?
Meta tags are information that you put between the <head> tag of your web page’s source code. These meta tags primarily tell search engines and other user agents about our site’s page/ site’s content (description), keywords, formatting, title and whether you want the search engines to crawl (and index) the page.

Meta title –It is visible to user on top of browser window. Search engines make title a link and put in H3 tag in SERPs . Title tag contains 70 characters including space .

Meta description-It is the summary of a page content .Search engine show this in SERPs  below the title and put in div tag.It contains 156 characters in theory and in practical we can take 200 characters.

Meta keywords –Meta keywords tell the about the important words in a page.These keyword can be use by search engine with combination of content of the page.

What is a keyword?
A keyword is a phrase of two or more words.

What is a long tail keyword?
A long tail keyword is a phrase of three  or more words.

What is SERPs.

SERP: Refers to search engine results page. When a user enters a query into a search engine, the results are called the SERPs.

What is spider/crawler?

Spider/Crawler: This is a robot (bot) or computer program that search engines send out to find and index pages across the web. It can only find pages that are linked to other pages. You can check your traffic logs to discover when and how often various spiders / bots / crawlers visit your site.

What is a search engine?  

A search engine is a set of programs which are used to search for information on the World Wide Web and FTP servers and collate that information in a database. The information may consist of web pages, images, information and other types of files.If a user search in a search engine they provide result from the data in their dataase.

What is a browser?

A web browser is a software /program for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web in human readable text/readable form.

Link Building

What is a back link/incoming link /inbound link?

A link that point a page is called back link for that page or site.

How do we check total links of a site?
We put below command in search engine’s search box
How do we check total cache page of a site?

What are ways of link building?
There three main ways of link building-

 1.One way –In this ,a site is link with other site but other does not link back to first.For example Site A links to Site B, but Site B does NOT link back to Site A. One links are the est out of other types of links.
The search engines prefer to see one-way links from relevant, quality sites.

2. Two way/reciprocal  - In this ,a site is link with other site and other also link back to first. For example  Site A links to Site B and  Site B link back to Site A.

3. Three way – Three-way linking is a way for two webmasters have many site of different themes to exchange links so that each person’s website gets a one-way link for the targeted theme(rather than a reciprocal link). 

Webmaster 1 links his Site A to Webmaster 2’s Site B. Then Webmaster 2 links his Site C to Webmaster 1’s Site A.

So Sites A, B and C all have one-way incoming links, like this:

Site A -> Site B -> Site C -> Site A

What are the main thing we will check before taking a link on a page of a site?
Quality of page we want during take link on a page are -
1.Theme of page must match
2.Google cache
3.High page rank
4.Must be dofollow
5.C class and IP address check (good if sites have different IP and C class)
6.Content link
7.No bad neighbours
8.No casino and sex links
9.No footer link
10.Old domain(site)
11.Page must not be blocked for web crawler

What is OBL(Out Bound Links)?
The Links on a page points the other pages or sites  and work as back link for that sites are called OBL.

What is the difference between internal links and external links?

Internal link- A link which point to a page within same site.

External link- A link which point to a page/site of an other page/site(out of same site).

What is a site wide link?

These are links that are found on every page of a website. For example, many people have a link to their “home” page (the index page) on every other page of their web site. That’s a site wide link.

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is the clickable part of that link. For SEO purposes, we should use our chosen keywords as your anchor text.

Web analytics/google analytics
What is web analytics/Google analytics?
Web analytics
 is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting ofinternet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage”.[1]
What is bounce rate? High bounce rate is bad or good for a site? What is average bounce rate for a site?

Bounce rate
The percentage of website visitors who see just one page on your site.
The percentage of website visitors who stay on the site for a small amount of time (usually five seconds or less).
High bounce rate is bad for a site .Average bounce rate for a site is 35% .
What is visit?
Visits are counted by session. Default time of visit=30 mins
“A visit is the amount of time of interaction between a browser and a website”. but less than or equal to 30mins.if more that will be counted as new visit.
“Total time spent  of a user on a site.but less than or equal to 30mins.if more that will be counted as new visit.”
“no. of unique sessions initiated by users are called visits.”
What is page view?
Page view- “no. of times a page was viewed”
“No. of time a page was loaded “
What is  a visitor?
Visitors are counted by cookies .Default time of visitor is 24 hours.
“Anyone who visit a site is called visitor for that site.”
What is  a Unique visitor?
Unique visitor-
“ In unique visitor report ,a visitor is counted only once for a specific range of time.”
What is  a New visitor?
New visitor-
A visitor that has not made any previous visits.
What is  a Returning  visitor/repeat?
Returning  visitor/repeat-
A visitor that has made at least one previous visit

 Building Questions

    1. What is a backlink?
    2. What is anchor text?
    3. What is a do-follow/no-follow link?
    4. Types of backlinks?
    5.Can paid links harm my ranking?
    6. Are reciprocal links bad?
   7.What is a one-way link?
    8.What is three-way linking?
    9. What is a site wide link?
   10. What is link velocity?
   11 Can I build links too fast?
   12. What is page rank sculpting?
    13. What is a link wheel?
    14. What is a mininet?
    15. What makes a good site for a link wheel?
   16.What is link bait?
    17. What is a link farm?
    18.What is a footprint?
    19.How do I search for footprints?
    20.What is a proxy?

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