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Forum marketing is one of the most popular and profitable ways to advertise your website. Although it can be very time consuming it can be well worth the effort in the long run. If you believe in the law of give and you shall receive then online forum marketing is for you. The key to successful forum marketing is to emerge yourself in the forum and answer the posts as honestly and as insightfully as possible not referencing your signature link at all unless there is a real reason to, for example, when someone asks for a product recommendation.

Forums were started as a means of organizing a group of like minded individuals into a single location for informed discussions. There are now perhaps thousands of forums available on the internet and they cover every imaginable topic. Some will have only a couple of thousand members while others will have tens of thousands of members. Although not originally intended as a place to market products and services they are in reality great places to do so.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1) The traffic at forums is highly targeted. If you visit a forum for European car owners, for example, you can easily market products and services related to Europeans cars to visitors and members of that forum.

2) You are allowed to have a signature file. You’re signature file tells the world who you are. Most forums will allow you to include a hyperlink to your website.

3) Most forums are free to join.

4) A special offers section. Some forums have a special offers section where members can sell their product or service to other forum members at a discounted rate. Most forums who have a special offers section charge only a nominal fee of ten, twenty, or thirty dollars to list your offer. The offer is then sent out to a large group of targeted prospects.

5) Forums are search engine friendly. Search engines love fresh, unique content and forums are filled with it every single day. This means that a simple one line post that you made to answer a question could lead to a sale by someone searching the search engines for an answer to that same question.

6) You can actually use the threads in these forums to give you ideas for articles and web content. If you’re really saavy you can then sell these articles or content you created out of the forum threads and sell them back to other forum members through a special offer. (Threads are discussions on the forum related to a topic posted by a member)

Forums are great places to both learn new ideas and information and also to market the same time by helping others. The more you start lurking around in forums in attempts to market your products or affiliate programs the more you’ll find that you actually enjoy hanging out at forums. They really are great places to meet interesting people and learn things you may not have had the chance to learn otherwise. Since I joined the Warrior Forum back in 2004 I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most respected names in the internet marketing industry. Regardless of whether I need to make money I usually visit the forum once a day and see what’s being talked about and ask any questions I might need answered. You should find that emerging yourself in a good forum will have an interesting “zen” effect on your bottom line. That is, once you start visiting a forum regularly to help and to learn you should notice an increase in sales.

If you happen to have the time to spare you should really try to join as many related forums as you can. Not only will this multiply the number of individuals who view your signature file but having posts on different forums pointing back to your website boosts your credibility with the major search engines and will increase your rankings.

Forum marketing is perhaps one of the best free promotion tools available on the internet and the only thing costs is your time. There’s really no reason whatsoever not to join one. As you become more experienced with forum marketing you may even find that beats all of your other forms of marketing.

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