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o Search engine submission will ensure that you drive relevant traffic to your website, a way to promote a website the most integral part of any website marketing program. Once a website owner have taken the time to properly optimize there website, they need to focus on the submission of the website to search engines and directory so that web searchers can actually find it. Search engine submission is a very useful tool to take advantage of when your website is new, looking for inclusion or for some reason dropped out from search engine because of being offline for a while. To be really successful in the search engines you need a good link popularity.

o Crawlers is a program used by search engine, this program scour the internet cataloguing and indexing sites. You don't need to continually push your website once is enough as you will be placed to crawlers crawl list. By fully utilizing the search engine you will receive many benefits including more inward links to your website, a higher page rank in goggle, an increase of traffic to your website with higher positioning in the search engines and increased online visibility also an increase in services and product interest.

o Generally there are two basic reasons why webpage or website should be submitted to search engine. First reason is to add an entirely new website because the site operator would rather not wait for search engine to discover them. Second is to have a website or webpage updated in the respective search engine. How a websites are submitted, this question will arise as soon as website owners will consider proper optimization in there website. To allow a webmaster to submit there website to a search engine there are two basic rules to be followed. They can either submit just one webpage at a time. Or, they can submit an entire site at one time with a site map. However just to submit the home page of a website is all a web master need to do. With just the home page, most search engines are able to crawl a site, provided that it is well designed.

o Getting listed doesn't mean you will rank well for particular terms. It simply means that the search engine knows that your site exists. Directories are search engines powered by human beings; human editors compile all the listings that directories have. Getting listed with the web's key directories is very important. Because there listings are seen by many people. Crawler-based search engines are more likely to find your site and add it to there listings for free if you are listed with them.


                     Free Search Engine Submission

It is straight forward and simple to submit a web site for free to the search engines
and a task that can be done in a few minutes. However, there are plenty of
companies offering search engine submission services, these services re-submit your web
site to the search engines periodically for a given time period. It amazes me that
these services exist and amazes me more why people pay for them.

Google states on its web master pages that re-submitting your web site to the search engine does not make a difference to a sites
ranking or to how quickly the site appears in the rankings and from experience this is also
true in Yahoo! and MSN.

Why submit your site to the search engines?

Submitting your web site to the search engine will make your web site visible to its
robot. A search engine robot is a web spider that runs across the internet, indexing
web pages one at a time, following links it finds on other web pages. The submission
of your web site to the search engine will inform these robots to index your site. How
quickly the robot indexes your web site depends on the search engine, so no guarantees
can be made.

Once your web site has been indexed the search engine may rank your site relevant for
certain keywords it has picked up on, although these are not taken from your keywords meta data.
Again, this is not a guarantee and can take months (especially if it is Google) before your
site is visible to search engine users.

How do you know when your web site has been indexed?

The first indication of this can be seen in your web analysis tool, usually under the
section marked robots/spider visits. If you do not have such a tool, id recommend
installing AW Stats which is free and will accomplish most peoples needs, or you can
search through your web sites log files for the IP addresses of the search engine spiders.
The main IP addresses to look out for are:
Google - will be seen as Googlebot
Yahoo - will be seen as Inktomi Slurp
MSN - will be seen as MSNBot

For a more detailed list take a look at the web robots pages []. Once
you have identified the robot visit to your web site, it is time to see if your web site has
been indexed. To do this you will need to go to the search engine and type in the
following command:

Replace for the web address of your web site.

If the search engine returns your web site then it means you have been successfully added
to its index and can be found by search engine users. However, if your web site does not
appear be patient it may take a while.

How to improve the chances of being indexed?

It is possible although not guaranteed to speed up the inclusion of your web site to the
search engines by having their spiders find your web site before actually submitting your
web site to the engine. This can be done by having a web site that has already been
indexed link back to your web site.

This can be done in several ways, some are examples are to have your web site address as part
of your signature in a forum, or by having your web design company give you a link as part of
their portfolio.

In my experience this has helped considerably, and is always favorable to submitting a
web site manually to the search engines. Although, there is nothing wrong with manually
submitting your web site!

Is using a submission service bad for my web site?

This does depend on how the company submits your web site to the search engine. Search
engines have become good at distinguishing between manual submissions and bulk automated
submissions usually made from these types of services (sometimes having different URL’s available),
normally when a search engine detects a bulk web site submission it will usually process them
slower than manual submissions.

What search engines should I submit to?

Be extremely wary of web sites that say they can submit your web site to 100’s if not
1000’s of search engines. The majority of these search engines will not provide you with
any traffic and the web site will likely sell on your email address.

You should submit your web site to the following search engines:

Submitting your web site to these three search engines does not restrict your sites visibility
as can be seen by this web site detailing whom powers who where
submitting to these 3 actually submits your web site to many more.

Are there any other web sites my site should be submitted to?

In terms of providing your web site with the best possible start in life you should be
trying to submit your web site to the following sites:
Yahoo! Directory
Open directory project


Search engine submission is about making your web site visible to the search engine robots. This
can be done by manually submitting them to the search engine via their own
add site URL or from their robot finding you from another link. Search engine
submission services that re-submit your web site are in the end a waste of money.

Link Baiting Service

Do you really need to hire a link building services team?

If you're really serious in improving your business website for the search engines but time is such a major problem for you, then hiring a circle of SEO pros to do your site's backlink building shouldn't be a choice but a requirement. With the expert services of the pro, your site will be able to achieve high position in search engines for the keyword or keyword phrase you wish to optimize your site for. By employing the expertise of such group, you will witness how your site defeats its opponents in the search engines results page for your targeted keyword. Expert SEO services will definitely work a lot in bettering your site's ranking in different search engines for the keyword or key phrase you're targeting. This team is focused to making your site rank high in search engines for the selected keyword or keyword phrase you're optimizing your site for.

So what are the important reasons why link building is better performed by experts?

You would need to spend large amount of time and dedication.

While creating back links is not that tough, it can't be accomplished in just a few hours. Performing your site's link building all on your own means spending your time and attention in it just so you'll have the final result you need just before or on your set due date. When you search for directories and place your listings, you sure will devote a lot of of your time. So are article writing articles and posting them to directories as well as making backlinks.

A respected link building services team offers all the tools you may need for the job.

The good news is, a team of expert link builders are effective at giving you contextual link building. To accomplish that, this team usually employs the right tools and other prerequisites so its link builders can accomplish such job without too much effort. As soon as you hire an SEO team, that means you're also hiring the tools and software they are utilizing in creating, assessing, and keeping track of links.

One-way links are too important.

Without such links, you will find it hard to outperform your competition in the the top position in search engine results page. Because search engines are mainly about linking, the value of making quality links in SEO cannot be belittled. If it seems that this is a work you can't do on your own, you're undoubtedly wrong. If you have the understanding and the right tools and application, you can proceed to creating top quality one-way links for your site. Nevertheless, if fast and 100% excellent results are what you long to realize, it is smart to employ a link building services team.

Link building specialists have the skills gained from years of experience.

Amateur link builders should be avoided specially if you like your website to quickly fly high on search engine results. Bear in mind that you'll need to finance the link building services required by your site so you must be sure that your targeted provider are specialists and are acquainted with every factor of link building. They must be capable of defending your site and increasing its search positions in several search engines.

No matter if you're employing a link building service team or you are thinking about doing the task yourself, what's important is to make certain that link acquisitions are carried out in a natural way. The link builders need to use good link building approaches such as quality content and link baiting. The said approaches won't just captivate links directed to your internet site; they will also make your web property popular and frequented by a high number of web traffic.

Link Building Service Guide

Building links to your website has become somewhat of an art form these days. There are a whole new litter of options to choose from that will provide not only powerful links to your site, but attract readers that will stick around longer and increase your revenue.

Chances are you're a small business owner and don't have all the time in the world to spend your day finding new methods of building links. Every keyword you want to rank better for requires hours and hours of work every day but there are ways you can utilize to avoid it.

Social Bookmarking sites are a great place to get niche related and quality backlinks but due to the large number of sites these days it's hard to compete. I highly recommend you join your favorite webmaster board to find people who offer this service. If that fails you can always look to freelance websites in the technology arena and you'll surely find a whole bunch of social bookmarking people. Last but not least you can make use of paid submission tools that only take a time to setup, but once configured, allow you to get hundreds of back links at the click of a mouse.

Article Marketing is still a very popular way of getting backlinks, you just have to make sure you submit to quality sites to avoid penalty. Thanks to the global Internet community there are countless numbers of article marketing companies and software that make this job a breeze. Just remember to research every company you view before making your decision.

Link Bait has become the number one way to boost your website to the top spots in the search engines. If you create the perfect piece of content you can bet that the links will start pouring in. Unfortunately this task is not an easy one, and getting a profession viral marketing company is your best option. Social Media Marketers will have the tools you need now to get your content out to the masses!

Remember to keep your link building campaigns ethical and provide your niche's community with quality content. When choosing a service or company to handle all your link building remember to keep track of what they're doing, and make sure you're getting the results promised to you.

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